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Facing Foreclosure? You May Have More Options Than You Think.

When homeowners in Washington state find themselves facing foreclosure, they often think they only have two options: The first option is to give up, while the second option is bankruptcy. In many cases of foreclosure, filing for bankruptcy is the right choice, but there are other ways to stop a foreclosure.

At Leonard Law, PLLC, our attorney, Sam Leonard, can help you identify all of your options and determine which one best fits your current and future needs.

Foreclosure Protection For Washington State Homeowners

In 2011, Washington state passed the Foreclosure Fairness Act. The FFA facilitates negotiations between lenders and consumers that often lead to mutually agreeable solutions resulting in the homeowners retaining ownership of their homes.

Many residents of King County and the surrounding areas in the Puget Sound region are unaware of the FFA. If you are among them, you can learn more about the act from our lawyer as he works to uncover the best option for stopping your foreclosure.

Mortgage Modifications Are Sometimes The Answer To Foreclosure Woes

If you have an income, but it is not enough for you to make your current mortgage payment, a mortgage modification may be the answer. Our attorney can examine your specific financial situation, determine what your income allows and work with your lienholder toward a modification that makes your mortgage affordable.

Bankruptcy And Other Possible Options

As many people know, filing a bankruptcy petition enacts what is called an “automatic stay.” The automatic stay stops all collection efforts, including foreclosure actions. For many homeowners, filing for bankruptcy is the most effective way to stop foreclosures. Additionally, a bankruptcy filing gives you and your attorney time create a workable bankruptcy plan with the goal of saving your home.

Sometimes, these plans include lien stripping. This can be explained as using a Chapter 13 bankruptcy to strip away a second mortgage. By eliminating a second mortgage in this manner, clients who were previously underwater on their homes can once again rise to the surface.

How To Stop Foreclosure? Calling Us Is The First Step.

At Leonard Law, we understand the emotional toll the thought of losing a home can take on an individual or a family. We will work diligently to help you find a solution to stop foreclosure. By calling 206-486-1176 or emailing us to schedule a consultation at our Seattle law office, you can take the first step toward saving your home from foreclosure.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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